Who are we and how do we work?


At Tabcit, we're not just about importing electrical appliances and power stations; we're about illuminating the future of Libya. With a deep-rooted partnership with the Libyan government, we're committed to empowering the nation with sustainable, innovative, and efficient electrical solutions.

We're driven by innovation, constantly seeking cutting-edge technologies to enhance Libya's electrical infrastructure. we possess a proven track record of reliability, delivering dependable power stations that cater to the nation's growing energy needs.

Think Tabcit, Think Future!

  • Sustainable home appliance Import
  • Energy efficiency certification
  • After-sales service
  • Product testing and certification
  • Appliance connectivity
  • Energy storage systems
  • High-voltage direct current transmission

Our team skills

We are very professional


Together, our team has spearheaded the importation of state-of-the-art electrical appliances and power stations, empowering the Libyan nation with reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions and home appliances. Their expertise has been instrumental in forging strong partnerships with the Libyan government, navigating intricate regulations, and securing exclusive opportunities to contribute to the nation's electrical transformation.

Strategic Partnerships


Innovative Solutions


Sustainability Expertise


Project Management Prowess